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Team Rocket T-Shirt

Prepare for trouble! Unless you're wearing this t-shirt, that is.

Team Rocket T-Shirt

Prepare for trouble! Unless you're wearing this t-shirt, that is.

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De omschrijving van dit product is helaas alleen in het Engels. We werken aan de vertaling. Excuses voor het ongemak.
Even though the extremely popular app, Pokémon Go, has brought millions of people back into the world of the small, cuddly monsters and flashy teams like Valor, Mystic and Instinct, the Kanto OG still remains a fan favourite. We're talking about Team Rocket, of course!. On their way to world domination, these two rapscallions ? aptly named after the outlaw Jesse James ? have caused quite some havoc with their tendency to appear in extremely inconvenient situations.

Regardless of whether you're a fan of the anime or simply don't like the three new, and admittedly rather generic teams, with this t-shirt, you can tell everyone - here comes trouble!

Let's be honest though, when you take a closer look, Team Rocket aren't really the bad guys. Sure, they strive for world domination and try to steal other people's monsters; but after capturing them, they treat them with respect, and almost as equals, while other trainers keep their creatures locked up in the balls used to catch them!

But let's keep the debate about monster rights for another day and blast off at the speed of light!

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