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Heavy Metals T-Shirt

The only true metal-head shirt.

Heavy Metals T-Shirt

The only true metal-head shirt.

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De omschrijving van dit product is helaas alleen in het Engels. We werken aan de vertaling. Excuses voor het ongemak.
There are two kinds of 'heavy metal' fans: those who worry about their hair (long, flowing locks, desperately covering bald patches as they inevitably age) and those who don't as they're– probably more worried about developing their beards! The former are known as head-bangers (hair-bangers?!). The latter we know as physicists.

As geeks, most of us wonder how these heavy metal, er 'artists' can claim the term 'heavy metal'. After all, heavy metal, as we know, is any metal with a density higher than 5g/cm³. It certainly has nothing to do with those dense guitar guys!

The only ones who can mark themselves as True Metal are Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, and their crew. Metallica? Ha!

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