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Geek Gevecht

Bordspel met vragen over de geekcultuur.

  • Bordspel met vragen over sci-fi, fantasy, comics, video games, wetenschap en technologie.
  • Taal: Engels.

Geek Gevecht

Bordspel met vragen over de geekcultuur.

artikel nummer: 7379

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Omschrijving: Geek Gevecht

  • Bordspel met vragen over sci-fi, fantasy, comics, video games, wetenschap en technologie.
  • Taal: Engels.

De omschrijving van dit product is helaas alleen in het Engels. We werken aan de vertaling. Excuses voor het ongemak.
One game to test them all, one game to find them, One game to bring them all (answers) and in the geekdom, bind them.

Geek Battle contains everything to test your knowledge and to finally prove that you're more into sci-fi and technology than anyone else! The small box is easily stored and taken along to game parties with friends. Of course, you can also use the game to resolve other issues, such as; whose turn it is to cook? (no, that doesn't mean 'order out'!), who hangs the washing out? (no, you have to actually hang it out!) or who gets the last slice of pizza ;).

Game content:

-Game board - 150 trivia cards covering the different fields, including answers.

-50 battle cards - 1x 6-sided dice.

-1x 12-sided dice.

-4 player pieces.


-And this is how it works: The aim of the game is to reach the Inner Sanctum of Geekdom with a player piece, and then to win a Geek Battle.

You can choose between four different player pieces: Alien Brainiac, Mutant Robot, Elf Wizard and Star Hero. You need at least 3 players to form 3 teams for a game. Each team (any number of players per team is possible) simply rolls the 6-sided dice* and moves their figure accordingly. Depending on the colour of the field you land on, your team has to answer one of the quiz cards. If you answer correctly, you're allowed to roll a second time using the 12-sided dice.

*Yes, we know a single dice is called a ‘die', but really does that sound right to you?!

Anyway, back to the game... To add more excitement, there are some wormholes spread around the board. Then there's extra geek battles where two teams have to battle each other by asking each other questions or setting challenges like "Give the names of people who've walked on the moon", for example (this is why you need at least three players, one has to check the answers). The team which gives the last correct answer wins the round.

And even clever clogs get their money's worth! If you feel that an answer on a card is wrong, you're given 90 seconds to prove differently. You can use books, the Internet or any other evidence to convince the others. 90 seconds only, mind!

Any questions...? Well, don't worry as detailed instructions are contained in the game box.

This game is only available in English Well, as you're reading the English version of this product text it probable won't matter to you. But if you're better at Klingon than English, we recommend looking at the example question cards in the pictures to decide whether your English is good or not. But even if you have to look things up, that will only improve your English ;).

Technische details
  • Afmetingen: Spelbord size: ong. 25x25cm
  • inhoud: 1 Spelbord, 150 trivia kaarten met antwoorden, 50 strijdkaarten, 4 spelers stukken, een 6-zijdige dobbelsteen, een 12-zijdige dobbelsteen, gebruiksaanwijzingen