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Gaming Legends Metal Poster

Bring your favourite videogame heroes onto your walls!

Gaming Legends Metal Poster

Bring your favourite videogame heroes onto your walls!

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To make it as a videogame hero, you need to be tougher than tough and harder than steel. In addition to the hordes of evil henchmen, you have to deal with the player's questionable competence when it comes to controlling the hero. But if you manage to do that and as part of an exciting storyline, then you'll be able to enter the videogame hall of fame in no time. With the Gaming Legends Metal Posters, you can bring 5 heroes who have already accomplished this feat onto your own walls.

Choose from the following heroes:

  • The brave Link stands ready to defend his kingdom with sword and shield. He is only afraid of one thing: poultry ...

  • The White Wolf not only relies on his two swords, he also uses several magic signs to dispatch ghouls, dragons and witch hunters alike.

  • Splinter Cell Sam Fisher can sneak through even the most guarded areas and is an expert at using his silent pistol with deadly efficiency.

  • As a veteran, Snake feels at home even in the most hostile jungle imaginable. Legend has it, he even eats snakes ...

  • Without a doubt, Agent 47 is wondering why clones need to have barcodes tattooed onto their necks.

You might be wondering: What's a Metal Poster? And how can I mount it without drilling holes everywhere? Fortunately, both questions are easily answered. A metal poster is a gallery-quality print on a metal plate. Think paper poster but without all the creases and torn edges. And mounting it takes only a few seconds: simply stick the adhesive magnetic sticker onto your wall and press the poster lightly against it. Yes, it's really that simple!

If you want to change things up a bit or hide your artwork from jealous gazes, swapping the poster out for another one can also be done in a heartbeat.

Oh yes! Metal will never die!