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Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot

The TARDIS from Doctor as a ceramic tea pot.

Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot

The TARDIS from Doctor as a ceramic tea pot.

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De omschrijving van dit product is helaas alleen in het Engels. We werken aan de vertaling. Excuses voor het ongemak.
We made another attempt to fix the TARDIS's chameleon circuit. To refresh your memory: normally the TARDIS can adopt any shape, but the Doctor's is stuck as an old British police box.

Well, we tried, but we didn't really repair the circuit. Though we did manage to make the TARDIS even more British as we gave her a handle and a nozzle. :) Naturally, she's kept her typical signage.

Theoretically it's possible to prepare coffee in the TARDIS Teapot, but we recommend proper Earl Grey – just how the seventh Doctor likes it - or another black tea, like English Breakfast perhaps. Never forget the eighth Doctor's words: Never turn down tea if it's offered. It's impolite, and that's how wars start.

The TARDIS teapot holds 750 ml – enough for about four teacups or two big mugs.