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DNA Helix Ring

A piece of the human genome as a perfect piece of jewellery!

DNA Helix Ring

A piece of the human genome as a perfect piece of jewellery!

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De omschrijving van dit product is helaas alleen in het Engels. We werken aan de vertaling. Excuses voor het ongemak.
For ages, the diamond industry has been trying to convince us that diamonds are forever. Even enlisting the help of James Bond did not further their cause, since we nerds know: DNA is more permanent than diamonds. Well, at least if our descendants survive. But that's another topic for another day... Let's recap: DNA > diamonds!

With the DNA Helix Ring, you can show your special someone how much you love them and what they are to you: building blocks of life, just like your DNA! This ring is made of 925 Sterling silver and modelled after the double helix of our genome. It truly is a sight to behold in every situation, be it at work in the lab, on a desk, under the Christmas tree or in front of the altar. Between the strands of the helix, you can discover stylized base pairs, representing the bond between you and the person you are giving this ring to. Of course, only if you want it to stand for that. ;)

The ring is available in six standard sizes, with inner circumferences between 50 and 60 mm. A circumference of 50 mm corresponds to size 50, 52 mm = size 52, etc.:

- Size 50 (equal to a diameter of 15.9 mm)
- Size 52 (equal to a diameter of 16.6 mm)
- Size 54 (equal to a diameter of 17.2 mm)
- Size 56 (equal to a diameter of 17.8 mm)
- Size 58 (equal to a diameter of 18.5 mm)
- Size 60 (equal to a diameter of 19.1 mm)

You can easily find out your own size by either measuring the diameter of a rings that fits or by using a piece of paper. Simply wrap the paper around your finger, mark where the apper overlaps and measure the distance between your marking and the start of the paper. This length is equal to the inner diameter of the ring you'll need.